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Optical Fiber Identifier,Optical Fiber Identifier

fiber optic identifier is an useful tool to identify the optical fiber type without damage to the fiber, it can detect both single mode and multimode cables. It even does not need to stop the fiber optic linking working condition when it perform the test.

Optical fiber identifier is an essential installation and maintenance instrument which can identify the optical fiber by detecting the optical signals transmitted through them,during this process the fiber optic identifier generate no harm or damage to the fiber cable and it do not need opening the fiber at the splice point for identification or interrupting the service.

Optical Fiber Identifier ID06Optical Fiber Identifier ID06
Optical fiber identifier id06 can quickly identify the direction of transmitted fiber and display the relative core power without any damages to the bended fiber. When the traffice is present,the intermittently audible tone is activated.
Fujikura optical fiber identifier FID-20RFujikura optical fiber identifier FID-20R
Fujikura optical fiber identifier FID-20R, digital LCD display, suitable for 250/900um, 1.1~2mm, 3mm bunch and ribbon fiber. With power meter function.

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