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Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network,GEPON

Early EPON was based on fast Ethernet, to identify the new EPON which is based on Gigabit Ethernet, people name it GEPON, it was developed based on IEEE 802.3. we supply the optical network unit, optical line termination, PON WDM and PLC splitters used in GEPON projects.

Gigabit Ethernet PON is regarded one of the best technology for FTTH. GEPON take advantage of the optical fiber to transmit data, audio and video. The GEPON components are simple and low cost, which makes it more easier to be widely used.

gepon onu Optical Network Unit
Optical network unit (ONU) is the user side equipment in the GEPON (Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network) systems. Optical network unit is used with OLT and provides the users with many kinds of broadband services such as VoIP, HDTV, and videoconferences. Optical network unit is economic and high efficient equipment and play an important role in the FTTx fiber optic network.
gepon olt Optical Line Terminal
Optical line terminal is one of the key components used in GEPON networks, the optical line terminal is usually put in the central control room. Our typical optical line terminal adopts 19 inch size rack design, it is with 3U height and 16 slots, every 2 of them is offered to one OLT module, supporting 8 OLT module max and 256 remote ONU equipment.

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