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Fiber optic fusion splicer(Fujikura FSM 50S,FSM 60S,Sumitomo type 39) mainly is used in fiber optic installation and maintenance, as its name suggest, the fiber fusion splicer is used to join the optical fibers by fusing them together. Fusion splicers in current market the brands mainly are Fujikura, Sumitomo, some Korea and New Zealand fusion splicers are also in the market, but Japanese are popular choices. 

we carry products of Fujikura fiber optic fusion splicers, typical types such as Fujikura FSM 50s and Fujikura FSM 60S, and we also carry Sumitomo fiber fusion splicers, typical types like Sumitomo Type 39 etc. Besides the fusion splicers, we also supply related equipment like fiber optic cleavers and test equipment, fusion splice tools, fiber optic fusion splice kits and accessories.

fusion splicer fujikura 50s Fujikura FSM-50S fusion splicer
Fujikura FSM-50S fiber optic fusion splicer is one of the most smaller size splicer, it is with advanced technology and good reputation, it is one of the most fastest fiber fusion splicers in the world, and especially suit for outdoor applications, many other features of the Fujikura FSM 50S fusion splicer including long battery working time and simplified operation procedure, it is known as one of the popular fusion splicers among users.
Fujikura FSM-60S Fusion SplicerFujikura FSM-60S Fusion Splicer
Fujikura FSM-60S is world leading fiber optic fusion splicer, it is upgraded version of previous Fujikura FSM-50S fiber splicer, 60S is with improved shock-proof and waterproof, dust proof, meanwhile, the FSM 60s fusion splicers from Fujikura is one of the most compact and most light in weight equipment, suit for field and outdoor use.
Sumitomo Type 39 fusion splicerSumitomo Type 39 fusion splicer
Sumitomo Type 39 fiber optic fusion splicer is another good choice except for the Fujikura fusion splicers, this fusion splicer can auto-detect the optical fiber types to select the best fusion procedure, Sumitomo type 39 fusion splicer can perform one splicing in around 11 seconds, it is suitable for even harsh environment like outdoor use or aerial works.
Fitel S199 fusion splicerFitel S199 fusion splicer
Fitel S199 fusion splicer can be used for up to 12 fiber ribbon optical fibers, it is fast and easy to use equipment, and the Fitel S199 fiber optic fusion splicer suit for different working environement.

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