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Optical Distribution Frame,Fiber Optic ODF

Optical Distribution Frame

12port,SC,FC,ST,LC,E2000,24port,48,36,96 port fiber optic odf,with adapters,pigtails, modulized design, for easy management, they are used in fiber optic fusion splicing and storage, management and cabling.

Optical distribution frame is a fiber optic management unit used to organize the fiber optic cable connections. The optic distribution frame is usually used indoor and the ODF could be very big size frame or small size similar like the patch panel boxes. We offer the fiber optical distribution frame with 1U 12 ports type, 1U 24 ports, 2U 36ports, 3U 48 ports and 4U 72 ports and 5U 96 ports types. These optical distribution frames are made of cold-rolled steel sheets and it is with proper structure and neatly looking.

The optical distribution frames are modulized design with siding type trays inside and these ODF could be pre-installed with various kinds of fiber optic adapters and pigtails. The optical distribution frame is with standard 19 inch size and it is properly designed to control the bend radius of the cable inside the enclosure to avoid extra optical loss. These optical distribution frames are ideal for indoor fiber optic cable connections storage, distribution and management.

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